Razene tablets 90 tabs

Razene tablets 90 tabs


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Razene antihistamine tablets are used for the treatment of hayfever and other allergic conditions. It is a fast-acting medicine that takes effect within 20 minutes and is non-sedating. Its effects last for 24 hours, making Razene a simple once-a-day treatment. 

Razene relieves symptoms of hayfever such as sneezing, runny or itchy nose, and burning or itchy eyes, and symptoms associated with hives such as itching, redness and lumps on the skin. Razene can also be used for the relief of insect bites and allergic conjunctivitis. Razene tablets are gluten free.


Active Ingredients:
Each tablet contains Cetirizine 10mg

 Children 12 plus and adults: 1 tablet ONCE daily

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