Head Lice

Parasidose Long Tooth Lice Comb
Parasidose Long tooth Lice comb to use with Parasidose Headlice Treatment Range
Licener Single Treatment Shampoo 100ml

Licener Single Treatment is an easy-to-use head lice shampoo that kills head lice and their eggs in just one single application of 10 minutes, with no combing required.

How does Licener work?

The shampoo contains the active ingredient, Neem-extract. When applied according to the directions the extract covers, immobilises and suffocates lice causing them to die. It also penetrates tiny openings at the top of the eggs called aeropyles (breathing holes) blocking the oxygen flow which causes the carbon dioxide to build up and the nits suffocate and die also. The Neem extract will also break down the protective shell of the (eggs) nits. Therefore Licener kills both the lice and nits in a single treatment.


Active Ingredients:

A 100ml bottle contains:

Neem-extract, Aqua, Polyglyceryl-3 Caprate,Coamidopropyl, Betaine, Glyceryl Laurate, Glycerin, Lauryl Glucoside, Dicaprylyl Ether, Lauryl Alcohol, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzoic Acid, Sorbic Acid, Dimethyl Glutarate and Dimethyl Adipate


How to use Licener?


STEP 1: Apply Licener shampoo to dry hair.

Use sufficient shampoo to cover all of the hair. Depending on the length of hair one entire bottle of Licener may be required per person. Massage Licener shampoo well into the hair and cover all hair from the scalp to the tips and then leave it in the hair for 10 minutes. If a number of family members have head lice you should try to treat them all on the same day with Licener in order to prevent new infestations.


STEP 2: Rinse out the

Licener shampoo. Rinse the shampoo from the hair thoroughly using lukewarm water. Avoid getting shampoo in the eyes as like all other shampoo this can lead to irritation of the eyes. It is not necessary to wash the hair with a normal shampoo after treatment with Licener.



  • Licener is suitable for adults and children from 2 years of age. No research has been done withLiceneron children under the age of 2;

  • Licener can cause slight eye irritation like any shampoo. Avoid contact with eyes, in case of contact rinse eyes thoroughly with water;

  • Do not use if pregnant or likely to become preganant

  • For external use only.

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Moov Headlice Defence Spray - 8 hours Protection

Defend your kids against head lice.

MOOV Head Lice Defence Spray is applied as a leave in conditioner and is sprayed onto children’s hair daily for defence against head lice over an eight hour period. The spray makes hair unpleasant to lice, whilst conditioning the hair.


  • Fast and easy to use

  • Fragrance Free
  • Low Irritant

  • Free from synthetic pesticide and DEET

  • Non-greasy, light formula with low residue

  • Conditions hair


Use MOOV Head Lice Defence Spray everyday to help defend against headlice transferring onto the hair


Active Ingredients:

Alcohol, diisopropyl adipate, trimethlpentanwdiol/ adipic acid/ glycerin crosspolymer, tocopherol.

1) Apply a minimum of 6 sprays to dry hair, including application at the nape of the neck and behind the ears.

2) Comb hair to ensure the spray has evenly covered hair. 

3) Do not rinse from hair.

4) For the best results apply daily or as required.



Always read the label. Use only as directed.

If symptoms persist please see your healthcare professional.


Consult your healthcare professional before use on infants under 6 months.


Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush immediately with clean water.

Moov Head Lice Shampoo 200ml
An easy to use, effective head lice treatment, clinically proven to kill head lice. Unlike our other head lice treatment products there’s no need to shampoo hair after treatment. Simply apply to dry hair, cover with reusable shower cap, leave for 15 minutes and then rinse out like a normal shampoo. It has a gentle foaming action like an everyday shampoo and leaves the hair feeling soft and smooth. Ensure you follow instructions carefully to effectively kill head lice and eggs.
Recommended for use on normal scalps. 
Active Ingredients:
Aqua (water), sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, cocamidopropyl betaine, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, cocamide DEA, polyquaternium-44, PEG-120 methyl glucose dioleate, glycerin, illicium verum (anise) fruit/seed oil, benzyl alcohol, citric acid.

1) Apply MOOV Head Lice Shampoo as soon as an infestation is detected. Cover eyes with a towel, use on dry hair. Apply product behind the ears and to the nape of the neck first. Then apply to remaining hair and scalp. Apply sufficient product to ensure thorough saturation of the hair, massage into hair and scalp well.

2) Cover hair, including ears & nape of neck with the cap provided. Leave cap on hair for 15 minutes. Remove cap and rinse hair. 

3) Condition hair as normal. Rinse the cap with soap and warm water then dry for re-use.

  • Always read the label and use only as directed.
  • If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush immediately with clean water.
Moov Head Lice Solution - Kills Head Lice and Eggs

Simple process that breaks the cycle

In just three simple applications, each seven days apart, the formulation kills both the head lice and their eggs, breaking the life cycle.


  • Uses a powerful blend of essential oils rather than synthetic insecticides.
  • Pleasant-smelling and easy to use.
  • Comes with re-useable shower cap.


Do a quick check of the hair each night for infestation, the quicker you get on top of an infestation the quicker it will be gone.


Active Ingredients:


Eucalyptus oil 11.0% w/w, lemon tea tree oil 1.0% w/w


benzyl alcohol 0.5% w/w

Contains ethanol

1) Cover eyes with a towel. Use on dry hair. Apply product to the hair behind the ears and the back of the neck first. Then apply to rest of hair. Apply sufficient product to ensure hair is thoroughly wet. The amount used will depend on the length and thickness of the hair.

2) Massage onto the scalp and hair.

3) Cover all hair, including ears, to the nape of the neck with the cap.

4) Leave on hair for 10 minutes.

5) Remove cap, shampoo and condition hair as normal.

6) Rinse cap well after use with soap and warm water. Dry thoroughly. The cap can be re-used.

7) Repeat steps 1-6 seven and fourteen days after initial treatment.

Always read the label. Use only as directed.
If symptoms persist please see your healthcare professional.
Warning: Consult your healthcare professional before use on infants under 6 months.
Caution: Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush immediately with clean water.
Parasidose Extra Strength Treatment Shampoo 200ml
Parasidose Extra Strength Shampoo is for the treatment of headlice. It kills head and body lice and their eggs.
Active Ingredients:
d-Phenothrine 0.5%w/w
Parasidose Extra Strength Double Shampoo Treatment Directions:

1) Shake bottle well before use.

2) Thoroughly wet hair over a basin.

3) Apply shampoo to wet hair, paying special attention to the back of the neck and areas behind the ears.

4) Massage into scalp, then wait 3 minutes.

5) Rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

6) Repeat shampoo application and massage whole scalp thoroughly.

7) Wait 3 minutes

8) Rinse well until water runs clear.

9) Comb through wet hair with a special lice/nit removing comb, to remove dead lice or their eggs nits from the hair.

IMPORTANT: Repeat this full treatment AFTER 7 - 10 DAYS to kill any newly hatched lice.
Parasidose Shampoo Extra Strength Shampoo Treatment contains Acetic Acid, it is necessary to rinse the hair completely after each application. Avoid contact with eyes or nose. In case of contact rinse thoroughly with fresh water. If skin irritation or infection develops, discontinue use and consult your doctor.
For external use only.  Keep out of reach of children. 
Do not use on infants under 30 months old. 
Not to be used by breast-feeding mothers. 
If you are an epileptic patient this shampoo contains camphor; excessive doses or prolonged use may induce neurological disturbances.  Seek medical advice before using this lice treatment.