Eye & Vision

Eye & Vision
SANDERSON 1-A-Day Vision FX 60caps
Sanderson Vision FX 1-a-day contains a powerful complex of key nutrients indicated to maintain normal healthy vision, particularly as we age.
While a healthy eating regime is important many people do not get all the nutrients they need or at the levels required from their food.  Sanderson have based the Vision FX formulation on the best available research into nutrient support for optimal eye health, including the large scale US AREDS I and AREDS II studies (Age-Related Eye Disease Study).
Key Features & Benefits:
  • Flax Seed Oil – provides omega 3 and is indicated to maintain normal eye moisture levels.
  • Vitamin A 1000iu – helps the retina function normally.
  • Vitamin C – helps maintain the condition of the lenses in our eyes.
  • Vitamin D3 – low levels of vitamin D are found in people with age-related macular degeneration.
  • Lutein – an antioxidant present in the lens and retina that also filters damaging blue light.
  • Zeaxanthin – similar to lutein, and performs the same functions.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – a vitamin-like antioxidant indicated in research to support eye function.
  • Natural Vitamin E – antioxidant vitamin that helps the body resist damaging oxidation of cells.
  • Zinc – supports the body’s absorption of antioxidants that protect the eye.
  • Copper – a crucial trace mineral with multiple roles including supporting eye health.


Active Ingredients:


Flax Seed Oil 500mg
Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) 1000iu
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 150mg
Vitamin D3 1000iu
Lutein 20mg
Zeaxanthin 10mg
Natural Vitamin E 200iu
Zinc (Zinc citrate) 15mg
Copper (Copper gluconate) 1mg
This formulation is free from artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners and preservatives, cereals containing gluten, crustaceans, eggs, peanuts, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, sulphur dioxide and sulphites above 10ppm, mollusk, lupin, yeasts and corn.


Sanderson 1-a-day Vision FX is an easy to swallow daily capsule. Always read the label and take as directed.
AstaSupreme Advanced Vision Care 30caps

Supreme Health’s Advanced Vision Care has been scientifically formulated to synergize the powerful effects of New Zealand natural Astaxanthin (AstaNZ) with other powerful antioxidants that have an affinity for the eye and visual acuity to help protect normal vision and prevent age-related concerns that affect the eye.

Key Benefits:

  • A powerful tetra-carotenoid complex specifically formulated to support eye and visual health
  • Nourishes macula, lens and retina health
  • Reduces eye strain, tires eyes and fatigue from computer use
  • Protects against UV damage
  • Contains Phospholipids to enhance bioavailability

The individual ingredients in Advanced Vision Care have all been clinically proven to help maintain eye and visual health. But together this powerful antioxidant complex is a therapeutic broad-spectrum formula that provides natural Astaxanthin, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Saffron, Vitamin E, Phosphatidylcholine and the essential mineral Zinc to boost all aspects of eye and visual health and provide support for:-

  • Age related visual  deterioration
  • Macular degeneration
  • Dry eyes 
  • Weepy eyes
  • Dry gritty & hot eyes
  • Cataract prevention
  • Slowing Glaucoma & cataract progression
  • Red eyes & bloodshot eyes
  • Itchy eyes

Advanced Vision Care is a 1-a-day formula that contains high levels of natural Astaxanthin that have readily been shown to cross the blood-retinal barrier delivering this powerful antioxidant directly to the eye and its structures including the macula, lens, and retina.  Antioxidants like Astaxanthin have been clinically proven to safeguard the eyes from oxidative stress, damage caused by UV and blue light and to promote visual acuity by stopping the lens of the eye becoming rigid and less able to bend and flex to aid focus and prevent visual disturbance and the need to wear glasses that typically comes with age.

Active Ingredients per capsule:

Per Capsule:

AstaNZ (New Zealand Natural Astaxanthin) 6mg is a unique fat-soluble carotenoid and a powerful antioxidant that is able to penetrate the blood-retina barrier to protect every cell of the eye. It offers unique protection against UV rays, pollution, supports the structures of the eye, maintains capillary health within the eye, enhances the immune system and supports lens accommodation.

Saffron 20mg boasts a very impressive nutritional panel including amino acids, anthocyanins, flavonoids and vitamin and mineral content but it also has the unique and powerful carotenoid antioxidant Crocin and volatile oils Picrocrocin and Safranal that have therapeutic applications to reduce cell death in the retina and increase oxygen delivery to the plasma. Saffron has many health benefits including being a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant.

Lutein 10mg is fat-soluble and a natural carotenoid compound (xanthophyll) mostly found in plants and flowers where they serve to modulate light energy in the plants, in the human body Lutein, helps to filter blue light.  Containing high levels of Beta-carotene, Lutein readily crosses the blood-retinal barrier and is absorbed directly from the blood into the macula lutea to help prevent macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Zeaxanthin 2mg is the fat-soluble isomeric sister to Lutein and is also a natural xanthophyll found in many plants and flowers.   In the body these carotenoid compounds are mostly found in the retina, macula lutea and lens of the eye and high dietary levels have been shown to slow age-related conditions affecting these structures of the eye. Zeaxanthin has health benefits including filtering blue light, prevent oxidation of the lens of the eye, preventing cataract formation and slowing their progression

Zinc 2.5mg an essential trace element mineral that has a powerful antioxidant activity that also possesses anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties to help support the immune system.  Zinc has an affinity in the eye by enhancing melanin levels to improve night vision and also helps to transport carotenoids from the liver to the retina to help prevent cataracts and helps to stabilize cellular structures.

Vitamin E 6mg natural organic Vitamin E is a fat-soluble powerful and versatile essential nutrient that helps to regulate the immune system, nourishes the cardiovascular system and skin cells but also acts as an antioxidant that neutralises oxidative stress and reduces susceptibility to oxidative damage.  In the eye, Vitamin E plays a role in preventing free radical damage, strengthening blood vessels in the eye, regulates cellular signaling and helps to reduce the risk of cataracts, age-related macular degeneration and vision loss.

Phosphatidylcholine 4.6mg is the perfect ancillary agent for fat-soluble nutrients and antioxidants but is also a key component to maintain cell membrane integrity and helps to facilitate water, nutrients and toxin movements in and out of cells that are key to fund cellular repair and nutrient absorption and utilization.

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Suggested Use:

Take 1-2 capsules daily with food containing dietary fat (eg: cheese, butter, nuts, seeds, avocado, whole eggs or dark chocolate) to ensure optimal absorption.

Supplements should not replace a balanced healthy diet.

Product contains soy and bee products which can cause severe allergic reactions. Not recommended for use during pregnancy or breast feeding. Keep out of reach of children. No added gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar or artificial colours. Store below 30ºC sealed in a cool, dark place.

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